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No acting or performing is involved in this scene whatsoever. Two REAL BRITISH LADS in an incredible flip fuck. This duo are two of the best looking and sleaziest guys we have come across for a long while. They are classic 'boys next door' types if the lads next door to you are hot tradies; sleazy as fuck and live for bareback man sex hourly coupled with a carnal desire for nasty ass to mouth and classic cumguzzling and face washing. They are both real engineers who are good with their hands and probably fuck with every customer they visit straight, gay or undecided. One smooth and tatted the other hairy, hot and rank they are the perfect pair to jerk too as they are so fucking into each other that the electricity of this scene could power a medium sized country. The spunk flies like crazy and is dripping from happy smiling faces. Long after the scene was shot they were still going at each others holes like pigs on heat in a winner takes all gaping contest on their own time resulting in more loads than is naturally possible according to medical science. Who needs fake ass posing porn stars when you can get fitter real dudes doing it for fun, shit and giggles and of course eating as much spunk as humanly possible and their guts can take...Doctors recommend 5 a day (loads that is...if you are a real man).

Starring: Alby O’Toole / Eddy