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Military Officer training - the young recruit. POWERFUL top destroys SHY bottom

Anybody that has ever been in the military knows that there is a HUGE fucking endless amount of butt-fucking, hole training and cock sucking from day one. This usually starts with the initiations during training where the officers show their authority by forcing all the newest straight lads to suck dick and take their first man cock weapon right up their smooth virgin foxholes. This officer is a real nasty hairy dominant fukka who has broken in thousands of squaddy asses spreading his spunk right across the base and this shy new fresh off the teet officer recruit gets it real hard and nasty, stretching his air tight unpracticed hole into a burgeoning military gape to be proud off. This young squaddie officer seems about 7 loads away from his first promotion...the day after this happened two officers did his hole at once real good and turned him gay for life.

Starring: Pup Hank / Ralf