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Koby Lewis / Portus

Scene Length: 14 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-08-15


A friend who owns a few flats asked me and my work mate Koby Lewis to go around and take a look at something one the tenants had been moaning about... When the guy opens the door as arrive the bloke is FITT and I’m sure is someone I have chatted to a year or so ago on Grindr... Anyway he shows me into the loft where he thinks there is a leak As I’m climbing up the ladder I catch him staring right at my cock and my pre cum soaking though my grey joggers. Now I’m starting to recognise the bloke from Grindr.... Its Portus This guy I have been trying to nail down for years! He is fit as fuck, and with a big dick as well. I still have him favourited on my Grindr.... So I give him the look, the kinda look you give someone you NEED to fuck when your in the park ;) and I dare my work mate to take his cock... punishment as I remember Portus saying he like to fuck ROUGH and HARD..... Anyway turns out this leak will need a 2nd visit ;)....maybe with a lot more tools for the job as well 🔩