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Alastair Noir / Bob Steel / Rick Kelson

Scene Length: 16 minute(s)

Release Date: 2024-04-19


Naked daddy and boy kissing, sucking and bareback butt fucking is the hottest thing on planet earth and for those into man/boi cum exchange this is as scorching as you will find it. Filmed outdoors in Spain the king daddy of all anal ownership American superstar man breeder Rick Kelson gets down and dirty with his boi Bob Steel....and Bob sure gets into lapping up all that experience his hot daddy has as regards his untrained young holes. Keeping it in the family surely entirely means daddies spunk and this boi laps it all up and loves the feeling of that mature incredible thick veiny engorged vicious dad cock flesh on flesh in his throat and ass. 35 years age difference joined wholly by a love of taboo fucked up nasty inter-family gay sucking and raw ass breeding. Just to add to this great scene the two of them get extra raw load attention from their buddy the Moustachioed Alistair Noir. If you are sick and twisted and into out there just plain wrong age play between masculine guys heavily into man seed exchange this is for you. The Circle of life surely must mean that every dad should recycle his spunk into his boi's holes daily.