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Raw Road Nation Raw Road Nation

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Fistzilla / Johnny

Scene Length: 24 minute(s)

Release Date: 2024-06-14


If you like hard as fuck big dildo action and complete and utter FINAL limits of a working man's fuckhole then this is your new favourite scene. Without question the biggest and nastiest dildo scene we have filmed in 5 years, we did not think the sub would get through the scene in one piece and it will make the eyes pop out of your head just as much as pump the spunk right out of your red raw cock. This totally Alpha road working labourer surrenders his entire manrings working capability entirely to get you horny fukkas off. He keeps his work clothes on throughout whilst another road gang member puts unbelievably one after another large ring smashing toys up his soon to be sorry for life bulky asshole. Starting with a very nasty Octopus tentacle dildo moving on to the anal muscle vandalizing girthy black bastard sex toy this hard as nails real bloke is fucked into nappies before your very eyes before it gets worse. ..much worse!. His sadistic colleagues raw dick is then used in the puffy sore hole which is now desperate for reprieve having some tradie on tradie ass breeding before it is back to the hard dildo action to ram that blue collar spunk home into his guts for life before working that hole harder and meaner to its early permanent retirement and total great looking prolapse. The guys gape at the end was massive and an hour later his pussy lips were hanging lower that a wizards sleeve and he now owns a poorly functioning damaged vagina. If you like your porn aggressive and truly fucked up & beyond the limits of good taste & anything normal then get into this scene right now. WARNING DO NOT TRY ANY PART OF THIS SCENE AT HOME as this is dangerous stuff and you will never feel a cock in your gash ever again.