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Bob Steel / Pete Masters

Scene Length: 16 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-09-18


Ever since the first time his Mum introduced hunky Pete Masters as her new boyfriend,
young cub Bob Steel had lusted after him. After all, who wouldn't want a piece of this hairy
beary bearded Daddy?
Night after night he'd lie in bed, wanking his cock 'til it was red raw as he listened to the
grunts and groans of his Mum and Pete getting it on, all the while wishing that he was the
one who getting impaled by that Daddy dick and not his Mum. Pete must've been
outstanding in the sack as after just a couple of months they got hitched and the DILF was
officially Bob's new Step Dad...
They'd never actually been alone together in the house as Bob's Mum had always been
around. But tonight she was going out and Bob and his new Step Dad would finally be
home alone. As she was getting ready to leave, Bob heard his Mum say
that tonight would give them the perfect opportunity for a bit of male bonding. However, if
she'd known just how well they were going to bond she'd probably have thought twice
about going out that night.
As Bob watched his Mum's car pull out of the driveway he noticed the handle on his
bedroom door turn slowly and in walked his new Step Dad, Pete Masters. For months Bob
had fantasized about what Pete's Daddy dick would look like, what it would taste like and
how it would feel pounding his tight furry fuck hole... and tonight all those questions would
be answered. It turns out that Pete had been secretly lusting after Bob too and tonight was
his chance to turn his new Step Son into his new Pussy Boy...